Thinking Of Selling Your Funko POP Collection?

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We Buy Funko POP Collections
If you are looking to sell your Funko POP collection then take a read of this blog, we buy in collections of all sizes from personal to bankrupt business stock. We take the time and effort out of selling individual POPs and do all that hard work so you don't have to. No matter how big or small we buy Funko POP collections of all sizes, get in touch via email, by visiting the shop or calling us.

A Beginners Guide to collecting Funko POPs in the UK

Funko POPMick Constable
Guide to Funko POP CollectingWe have put together this helpful guide to advice Funko POP collectors in the UK that have just started out. We walk through a small overview of the History of Funko as well as giving you advice on how to display, buy and expand your collection. There are a few tips and tricks on where you can find the rarer POPs too. Have a read and don't forget to leave a comment on our post if you have something to share.

How Do You Display Your Funko POP Collections and Movie Merchandise?

Funko POPMick Constable

Harry Potter DisplayLooking for way to display your Funko POP collection or ideas on how to layout your Harry Potter merchandise? We’ve asked some of our customers to show us their collections and have added their photos to this blog. Thanks to all of our Facebook followers who joined in on the conversation and sent in their photos.