Here at The Film Cell we like to interact with our customers and try to help each other out. We wanted to take a look at some of our customers collections and the way you display the items you buy from us. 
So we asked our Facebook followers to show us their setup, the people below sent in photos of their collectables on display. If you are just starting out this might give you a few ideas on how to display your Funko POPs and Movie collectables.
Please feel free to comment in the section below this blog with your own ideas and send us some photos and we will add these to the blog.
Marvel Funko POP Collection
This is my collection, added a few more since this was taken at christmas! Been collecting now for about 2yrs.
Zane Doe
Willy Wonka Funko POPs
My collection got packed away for Uni but I love my wonka pops! I made this display out of a cardboard fruit box from Asda and some supplies from the local craft store! :)
Tasha Krywald
Funko POP collection
I’ve been collecting for five years after I got a couple as Christmas presents. My collection has grown since I took this photo and it’s only been two weeks.
Ruby Redford
Funko POP Display
This is our collection of all collectables, lookimg forward to seeingothers, looking for a way to display wands on the wall.
Ellyn Godwin
Star Wars Collection on Display
Been collecting mainly Star Wars since I was 7 so nearly 10 years in the making! Wish I had room to display more of it! And it is a very expensive hobby on part time wages 😂
Daniel Thompson
The Armoury
I dubbed it the armory.
Ban Ripley
Harry Potter Display Idea

Have been collecting about 10 years have some super valuable and rare stuff. Huge potter fan centre stage in my house.
Jake Cowan
We’ve also had a number of photos in from our customers showcasing their collections. Here are a few images to give you an idea on how you can display your movie memorabilia.
Below are two photos from Sarah Hamill great collection Of Harry Potter merch. If your a Funko POP collector these shelving units look amazing, what’s  even better is when you run out of room you simply add another unit to your display. 

Harry Potter Wands on Display

Harry Potter POP Display

Loving the way George Ashley uses class cabinets to display his collectables. You can keep the dust away and still see your collection either when the doors are closed.
Funko POP Display Cabinets
Chelsea Ann is building up her collection nicely, great use of book cases. We use Billy bookcases in the shop from Ikea. This is a great way to display your collectables. Love the way you are theming each shelf, good work Chelsea.
Billy Bookcase display
Funko bookcase display

Looks like Mark Simpson is building up his very own imperial army... Another great use of a bookcase to display your collectables.
Star Wars Stormtrooper display

 That should give you a few ideas if you are new to collecting, if you have any suggestion once again please comment below and send in your photos and we will get these added to the blog.
happy collecting everyone!!
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