This is our first ‘out of box Funko POPs’ feature, we want to show you all the amazing detail you are missing by keeping them in the box. We are taking ours out of the box so you don’t have and you can decide how you want to display your collection.

Firstly I want to stress how awesome the 10 inch Deadpool POP is, we love the 10” Funko’s here at The Film Cell but this one is on another level.

Gold Deadpool 10" Funko POP

Like all the other Marvel Funko POPs this version is also a bobble head, you should see the spring under the head on this thing, it’s like a bed spring!!! It really is an awesome piece and if you a Marvel fan you will not be disappointed with this.

I'm not a fan of the 10th year anniversary chrome Marvel POPs, so I was unsure about this one being gold. I actually thinks the Deadpool 10” version has been done very well, but if you are not a fan then there is a standard red 10 inch Deadpool POP available.

So let’s take a look at this awesome oversized POP vinyl.

Gold Deadpool ten Inch POP

This is the side that all in box collectors never get to see. When the head bobbles it looks great from the back too.

Deadpool 10 Inch POP

The Gold detail on the paint work looks great the contrast between the two shades makes it an awesome collectable.

Deadpool 10 Inch Funko POP side

Just look at that spring that hold the head onto the figure, it's HUGE...

Deadpool 10 Inch Bobblehead Spring

 Look out for more out of box POP reviews from our staff at The Film Cell more coming soon. Feel free to add your own opinion of this POP in the comments section below and let us know if you want an out of box look at any of our other merchandise.

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