We Buy Funko POP Collections

Are your Funko POPs just sitting in the attic gathering dust, have you fallen out of love with collecting vinyl figures, maybe you have too many and you've had to put them in storage. Sometimes it just feels the right time to sell up and move on, that's where we can help...

We buy Funko POPs from collectors be it small sets to huge bulk collections, we can buy in your collection for cash or credit in our store. We also can sell your collection on a commission based system. So email us today at info@thefilmcell.com with a photo or list of what you are selling and tell us where you are located.

Why sell your Funko Collection to us?

Selling in bulk saves you the time and hassle selling your POP figures individually, you can put them on selling pages but most of the time buyers will want you to split up your collection and just take part of what you have. Often you will be left with the ones no body wants and people just buy the good Funko POP figures. We take the whole collection including the less popular items and we buy them in one bulk buy so you don't have to deal with individual buyers.

You won't have the hassle of boxing each figure up and sending them in the post with numerous trips to the Post Office. We do all that, you either bring your collection to the shop or send them in one big parcel saving you time and effort.

So if you are looking for some where you can sell your funko POPs get in touch.

If you would like more info please drop us an email info@thefilmcell.com and we will come straight back to you. The best way of getting in touch is to message us with photos or a list of what you have and then let us know a price you are hoping to receive. We are located in the U.K. but do buy international collections from time to time. You can also send over the photos of your collection to us via a Facebook message.

We Also Buy In Bankrupt Liquidation and clearance Funko POPs

If you are a liquidation business that deals with Funko products we would love to have a chat. Maybe you are a business that it trying to move away from selling Funko POPs or you are dealing with a company that has just gone into administration then get in touch as we buy in excess and bankrupt stock. We also buy in liquidation toys and excess stock, if you are looking to sell liquidation Funko POPs UK then please get in touch. If you buy in pallets clearance pallets and you are looking to shift the Funko POPs and toys drop us an email.

No matter how big or small your collection we will give you a price for what you are selling. Drop us an email, give us a call or bring in your collection to the shop and we will go through it and offer you a price. We buy any POP .com

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