Venom Groot 10” Funko POP Vinyl Figure

As part of our out of box series of blogs we have taken this Venomised Groot POP out of it’s box to give you a closer look. We take Funko POPs out of their boxes so you don’t have to. Below is our review of this awesome figure, please comment below to let us know what you think to this amazing 10” POP Vinyl.

Venomised Groot POP - Front View

We are massive fans of Groot here at The Film Cell and when Funko announced this amazing 10” Funko POP we just couldn’t wait to get this out of its box. The first thing that has to be said is these super sized POP Vinyls are amazing, it gives Funko the chance to put even more detail into their figures. And this Groot doesn’t disappoint.

Venomised Groot 10” Funko POP

We took the standard sized Venomised Groot out of the box too just to give you an idea of size and scale. Both of these POPs have great detail, however there are a couple of differences between the 2 version. 

The big 10” Groot obviously has more detail, both versions feature mini Venomised Groots growing from the right arm. The super sized version is so much more detailed than the 3.75” version. Check out the images below where we’ve compared the two.

Standard Venomised Groot POP

above is the standard sized Venomised Groot POP Vinyl

10” Venom Groot POP

Above photo shows the detail of the 10” Venom Groot POP 

10” Groot Funko POP

Above we take a closer look at the green tongue with Venomised green goo from the 10 inch version of the Groot POP. The standard sized figure doesn’t contain the tongue and just features Venom style mouth and teeth. 

Venomised Groot 10 Inch Funko POP

10 inch Groot POP Vinyl

The above two images show you the side and rear view. Having looked at both of these POPs they both look amazing out of their box but if we had to choose between the two I personally would have to go for the 10” version.


I’m running out of space as these take up so much room, but if you are on a budget and want to collect the whole set then the standard size version is great value for money and there’s not a huge difference in the two designs. If I had to pick one, I would go for the ten inch version, because of the fantastic detail Funko have put into it.

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