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The History of Loungefly Backpacks UK

When did Loungefly start?

Started in Southern California in 1998, Loungefly created licensed fashion accessories for all ages. Funko later acquired Loungefly in May 2019 after a number of years trying to strike a deal. Funko Europe was building up momentum at this stage having brought the European head office to the UK a few years prior. This was a perfect time to launch Loungefly backpacks UK.

Loungefly bags and purses have always been focussed on character licenses such as Disney, Marvel, Pokemon etc but with Funkos HUGE range of licenses the two companies have made a perfect match.

Loungefly UK Logo

Why are Loungefly bags so popular?

Funko have always be great at making things popular are sort after, they have a great way of making their products super desirable. So why are Loungefly backpacks and purses so popular?

Most Loungefly items are limited edition so only have an initial run, so once they sell out you can no longer purchase them. They are discontinued and move on to different designs. This makes Loungefly bags highly collectable and at times very sort after.

Due to this most people who buy Loungefly backpacks and wallets don’t always use them for their intended purpose. A lot of people just collect them and put them on display due to their Collectable nature.

While the range of designer bags and wallets focuses on licensed characters there is a Loungefly bag out there for everyone, or three or four. Most collectors have a wall full of different bags and characters mostly never used and just for display. The bags are so colourful and fun and make you happy to own them.

Exclusive Loungefly Backpacks UK

Disney parks Loungefly backpacks & exclusives

Lots of Loungefly bags are exclusive to selected retailers. Which means you can only buy these at set shops or websites. One of the best places to find exclusive Loungefly bags is in Disney parks.

Loungefly Disney parks exclusives are one of the most popular souvenirs you can pick up on you holiday. Disney collectors have become gripped, and Disney Loungefly is probably one of the most popular franchises Funko design.

You can also buy exclusive products from some big online retailers. Who knows one day we might even have our own Loungefly exclusive.

Where to buy Loungefly Backpacks UK?

As per the above there are lots of place that sell Loungefly products but lots of these are online. It’s always good to have a closer look at Loungefly bags.

If you are local to our shop you can pay us a visit, we have lots of different Loungefly backpacks & purses on show. From Disney to Star Wars, Marvel to Pusheen we also have 1,000’s of Funko POPs in our shop too. So while you look for you new bag your friends can have a look through our other collectables.

There are also lots of other independent gift shops that sell Loungefly bags. A great place to find lots all in one place is via comic cons. There are often a number of sellers exhibiting different designs at these sort of events. It’s a great place to have a plethora of choice.

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Why are some Loungefly bags rare and how much are they worth?

Since Funko bought Loungefly these bags and accessories have become more mainstream. You can still get rare Funko Loungefly backpacks, ones that are design in limited numbers.

But one of the best ways to find a rare Loungefly bag is to look out for the metal plaque. When Funko acquired Loungefly they added the iconic Funko crown to the logo. Pre 2019 bags didn’t used to contain the crown, instead they often had a heart instead. Some of the original Disney bags go for over £1000.

Another thing to look out for is an upside down Loungefly plaque, sometimes these are made the wrong way around and these bags are obviously quite rare.

Are there Loungefly backpacks for men?

All Loungefly backpacks UK are unisex so anyone can own or wear them. There are some that are very colourful and princess themed and aimed at a feminine audience. But most are unisex and some aimed more for the male market.

UK Marvel Loungefly Handbag
Disney Loungefly Ears
Disney Loungefly Purses & Wallets

How to display Loungefly bags & wallets

There are lots of ways you can display your Loungefly collection, most people go for a cube shelving design. You can find these shelves in Ikea, the Kallax bookcases are perfect as you can fit one bag in each cube.

Other people go for a hook system, you can buy stick on hooks for walls in most DIY stores. Make sure you measure out the distance between each hook and try and keep everything level so that you display looks amazing.

How to store Loungefly backpacks and keep them clean

The best place to store your Loungefly bags are in a dry place preferably out of the sun as UV rays can discolour your backpack. However you always want to show off you collection so it can be tricky. There are plastic cases you can buy which are UV protective, or you can keep in a cabinet with doors to block out the sun.

If your Loungefly gets dirty then the best way to clean is with warm water and a small amount of soap. Try to get none coloured soap and don’t use too much. Try to clean a hidden part of the bag first to make sure there are no issues, like the bottom of the bag or back of one of the straps. Don’t add too much pressure.

Loungefly UK Community

We would love to hear and see how you collect Loungefly backpacks in the UK, why not comment below with information you think we may have missed above about your experiences of collecting Loungefly bags and purses.

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