We have finally secured an additional unit at Moorfield courtyard and we will be expanding into this over the next few months. The plan is to offer even more collectable movie merchandise, toys and memorabilia than ever before to our online, shop and comic con customers. 

There are three main reasons for the expansion, firstly we are running out of space to parcel and process our online orders. In our new unit there will be a dedicated space to ensure all orders can be shipped out from the shop as quickly as possible.

This means orders can get picked and packet out of sight and not take up valuable shop space. Providing online customers with a quicker and more efficient delivery service. 

The second reason is to give us room to display loads of new products, there is so much more we are dying to show you. The shop is already filled to the brim and space is running out. This unit should free things up so we can open the shop up further to showcase these new ranges of products.

Thirdly, we need space to get ready for events, our third room often has to close when we get ready for events as we need this space to go through stock and gather all our exhibition materials together. This extra unit will mean we can continue to trade in all three rooms without affecting your customer experience. 

On an extra note we will also have space to accept larger orders before moving these into storage. Meaning we can buy in bulk and get better pricing which we can then offer to our customers. The more we buy the better discounts we can offer you. 

So what does this mean for our shop customers? As well as expanding our product portfolio it means we will have more space to showcase these new items. 

On occasions we will have had parcelling materials, deliveries and exhibition stock in the shop which makes it hard for people to properly browse around and makes the shop look a bit messy. This new space will enable us to keep these items out of sight so your customer experience is not compromised.

What does this mean for our online customers? We can sometimes take a day or two to find in stock products in our warehouse and storage. This unit will give us space to categories stock into areas making it easier for us to find products. Which means the orders will get pick, packed and sent quicker.

When will this happen? There is some work to get done before we can start using the unit but when this is complete we will start to move things around and use this extra space. The above changes will be put in place and processes to make us even more efficient than before. Geating this new unit ready for use shouldn’t take too long to complete and improvements will be made over the next few months.

Will this affect the shop opening time in any way? Most of this work will be done behind the scenes, which shouldn’t cause any issues if you are planning on visiting. However there may be a day or two where we will have to close, if this does happen we will notify everyone via our Facebook page. So make sure you LIKE our page, it’s a good idea to anyway as all new stock and news is advertised over on social media.

What does the future hold?  
When we have utilised this space we are hoping there will be some free space to create another themed room in our shop. We are already working on plans, I can’t say too much more at the moment. These plans could be made into reality within the coming year. 

This is part of our 15 year anniversary we have loads of plans for the future. We have gained an amazing group of customers over the last 15 years online, at events and in the shop. It’s hard to believe we have only been in the shop just over a year and a half.

We have always wanted to make shopping at The Film Cell an enjoyable experience and want to provide our customers a shop like no other in the area.

Do you remember going to a shop with your parents when you were younger and still remember how awesome that shop was or still is, now you are an adult. That’s what we want to provide, so in 20 years time your kids say a similar thing about our shop and hopefully we will still be trading. It seems weird to think what we will be selling in 20 years time. Groot holograms???