There are more and more Harry Potter collectable wands being released even though the movies finished years ago. Harry Potter is as popular as ever and there are millions of fans just like you who are looking to extend their range of merchandise on display in their homes.

There are currently around 70 different wands from Harry Potter movies to collect, we have them all featured on our website available to order or preorder. From well known characters such as Arthur Weasley and in fact most of the Weasley family to note so well know characters such as Xenophilius Lovegood and the wand of Grindelwald (which is obviously become more popular since the Fantastic Beasts movie series).

But which Harry Potter Wand Should I Buy?

Whether you have 50, 10 or are just starting out we thought we would list and show you all the wands that are available to buy so it makes choosing your next wand slightly easier. We have a number of images below that show you the design and give you an idea of the length of each wand. It also gives you an idea of the packaging in the top right corner.

Harry Potter Collectable Wands

How to choose your next Harry Potter Character Wand

Each and every Harry Potter wand we sell is an authentic recreation of the wands used in the Harry Potter films, each wand is hand painted in fine detail and comes complete with a collectors box and the new collection also feature a name clip. as you may know these are highly collectable and once you buy one you will want to collect the whole set.

But how do you choose which wand to buy next? Maybe you buy your wands based on your favourite characters, but what happens when you have all your favourite characters? Maybe you choose based on the design and the way they look. Do you collect in sets, do maybe you want to collect just the death eaters for example.

These images below all have the names of each collectable wand and a small image showing each characters design. We've tried to make it easy for you to pick out the name you want or pick based on the design.

Harry Potter Character Wands UK

More wands from Harry Potter movies coming

There are loads more Harry Potter wands and products being released all the time, recently the Hagrid umbrella replica has been released and is now available from our website. If you want to be kept up to date with all the latest releases sign up to our newsletter or like our Facebook page.

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