Marvin Funko POP Mystery Box

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Our Marvin the Martian Mystery Box game guarantees you win!! Each mystery box contains a Marvin the Martian Space Jam POP which has a going rate of around £30. Plus you will receive one other exclusive, vaulted, Funko Shop, Chase, US stickered or flocked POP. We have also included one US shared convention stickered POP that is limited to 2,000 worldwide (no standards here). All for just £28.99. It's the mystery box where everyone wins!!

The POPs include...

  • x1 US convention shared exclusive limited to 2000 worldwide
  • 24% Funko Shop exclusives
  • 36% Exclusive POPs
  • 12% Flocked POPs
  • 12% Various vaulted POPs
  • 12% Chases

The percentages are based on how many boxes we sell, so for example if we sell 25 boxes 3 out of 25 will include a vaulted POP. There is only one limited edition convention exclusive limited to 2,000 worldwide. These are mystery boxes so there are no refunds, returns or exchanges are available. However each box is guaranteed a Marvin the Martian worth approx £30 plus one other POP from the list above.

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