Carry Me Hans the Hedgehog Squishmallow Bag

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Take your Squishmallow friends on every adventure, from holidays and days out to weekends with the grandparents. This Carry me Hans the Hedgehog backpack makes a super cute way to keep all your mini Squishmallow collection safe in one place.

Each of these Squishmallows have their own unique name and bio to make them even more special and adorable. This one is Hans the Hedgehog, did you know that Hans was one of the first eight to ever be released!

Hans has seen every movie ever and loves to eat pudding, especially with sprinkles. Actually, when it comes to food, he's willing to try whatever someone puts on his plate, probably because he is so open to change and adventure. He visits his family in Europe every summer where they like to go to museums and explore new countries. Last year on his birthday, August 6, his family surprised him with a special trip to the Alps!

This super soft Carry me Hans the Hedgehog Squishmallow backpack is ultra-squeezable just like the plushes, but can obviously be used a bckpack. Features include adjustable shoulder straps, secret mini pocket to keep small items safe like phones, keys, lip-gloss and your other mini Squishmallows.

Dimensions : H 25cm x W 22cm x D 17cm

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