Bronze, Silver & Gold Funko POP Mystery Box

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Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Mystery Box contains 3 POPs, one Bronze POP (standard), one Silver POP (a silver stickered exclusive) and one GOLD POP. The GOLD POP will be either a grail, mini grail, a chase, a US stickered exclusive, Con shared exclusive, a vaulted, a signed or a Funko Shop exclusive. 

We have valued some of the Gold POP’s that you might receive (as shown below) these are based on the Funko app with UK conversion. These prices were generated on Wednesday 29th July and could change. Minimum value box is £30 Maximum value box is £210.

Our shop pricing is a for standard is £11.99, Silver stickered exclusives are £15.99 which means you are paying just over £9 for your GOLD POP. One of which could be worth £185 if you get Dug with Cone for example.

GOLD POPs will include 
Dug Cone (Disney Up) £185
Roy (Rick and Morty) £151
Ghost Flocked £62
Thrillkiller Batman £54
Tusken Raider £42
Obelix £39
Marvin the Martian (Space Jam) £39
Teddy (Bobs Burger) £39
Ghost Charlie Brown £39
Various other Vaulted
Various chases
Various Previous shared SDCC exclusives.                    
All the above prices are based on the U.K. converted prices from the Funko app. 

All Mystery Boxes are random and there are no refunds, returns or exchanges. Multiple box purchases may result in duplicates. There may be some slight wear on some boxes due to some of these POPs being in the warehouse for up to 6 years. 

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