Are you looking for the perfect gift to buy a Harry Potter fan? It can be a daunting task, what do you buy a fantastic that already has a huge collection of merchandise... We are here to help!

The Perfect Harry Potter Gift

There are a number of factors that you should try and work through. Harry Potter fans are very proud of their collection and most items are often on display for all to see. Here is where you can use this to your advantage...

If you are a friend or family member that doesn’t live with said Harry Potter fan then when you are next visiting their home, ask them if you could see their Harry Potter collection and take mental notes. You could ask them what they are looking to add to the collection next. After all, every Harry Potter fan likes to show off their collection. 

Another good idea is to ask whoever is living with them to do some digging and any find out what they would like next or don’t already have. Most Harry Potter collectors have a list.

There are so many Harry Potter gifts for adults available and lots of new merchandise still being produced. If you can’t find out what your gift receiver already has then buy something that’s has just come out.

Most Harry Potter shops like ourselves have Facebook pages that show case everything that is new. On our Facebook page we publish photos of every new delivery that arrives in our shop. You can order Harry Potter gifts online on our Facebook sometimes before it even hits our website. So it a great place to find out what’s new.

We have Harry Potter gifts for adults to fit any budget 

Whether you have a big birthday coming up and are doing a collection around the office for someone’s, cough, 60th. Maybe you are have bought the main present but just want a little something to go with it, then we have something for you.

From our Harry Potter broom prop replica of the Firebolt or our super deluxe Harry Potter chess set to pocket money gifts such as our bendable Dobby figures or Top Trumps. There is so much merchandise to choose from.

Loungefly is very popular at the minute, if you are looking for the perfect Harry Potter gift for your wife then you can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter handbag. Funko has a huge range of Harry Potter fashion from bags to purses and wallets. These are very character oriented and are super cute, loungefly is high end designer brand for the super fashionable.

Harry Potter Gifts for Valentines Day

Valentines Day can be tricky, don’t leave it until the last minute. If you want to move away from the obvious bunch of flowers and some heart shaped chocolates then keep reading. There is so much choice if you are buying a Valentines gift for a Harry Potter fan. Here are some ideas...

Harry Potter Jewellery

We have a huge range of Harry Potter jewellery in our shop and online. From charms and bracelets to watches and necklaces. These range from 24k gold necklaces to official Harry Potter lightning bolt earrings with real diamonds. You can really spoil the one you love.

Love Potion & Prop Replica

Our replica of the Love Potion that Ron Weasley receives in the Harry Potter movies always sells well at Valentines Day. But be quick and order sooner rather than later as these tend to sell out everywhere in February. We have so many other prop replicas to choose from, if you are local make sure you visit the shop and check out what’s available. From Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem to the Hufflepuff cup, come and have a closer look if you can.

Harry Potter Ornaments & Statutes

If your wife, girlfriend or partner already has a large collection of Harry Potter ornaments then why not add to it. We have a huge range of statues available and there are some great new pieces coming out in 2021. We even have an awesome new Harry Potter nook for this year. Watch this space.

Harry Potter Clothing for Adults

February can be a cold month with all the snow and icy mornings. What better way to wake up than with a Harry Potter dressing gown. We have a range of different designs from Platform 9 & 3/4 to pink Luna Lovegood bathrobes. We even have match slippers to go with them. 

As well as bathrobes and slippers we have Hogwarts house scarfs, t-shirts, hats and gloves plus loads more. 

Extra Special Harry Potter Gift Hampers

We can even help you create something bespoke, maybe you are looking to treat that special person in your life for Valentine’s Day. We can create you a unique Harry Potter gift hamper containing a number of different products from our website or shop. 

Hampers are a great way to show you have put thought into a gift and look amazing. You can theme you hamper around a set house for example and include just Ravenclaw merchandise. Maybe their favourite character is Dobby, we can include various pieces of Dobby merchandise. The possibilities are endless.

Each of our hampers come with a cardboard or wooden tray containing straw or shredded wood shavings, wrapped in clear cellophane and topped off with a bow. Contact us if you want something bespoke for you.

Birthday Presents for Kids

Children tend to be easier to buy for, when kids first walk in our shop their eyes light up. The first thing they see are the candles hanging from our ceiling and Harry Potter suitcases displayed around our cabinets. They are usually happy with anything they walk out of our shop with.

But they then to choose a different range of products that adults. For a girl you can never go wrong with a plush toy, we have a huge range from Fluffy the 3 headed dog to Hedwig Harry Potters owl. 

Boys spend more time looking through the wands and the LEGO in our shop. There is a huge range of both of these available. 

Another popular gift for kids are Funko POP figures, these are highly Collectable and make a great present. But beware, once you buy one you won’t be able to stop them wanting more. These are highly Collectable and some can be very hard to come by.

If you are looking for a gift for teenager then you might want to move away from plushes. We have some great stationary in the shop ideal for busy teenage life. From Harry Potter diaries and planners to pens that look like Harry Potter wands.

Our range of Loungefly gifts (see above) is also a great gift for teenagers. However we also have a more affordable range of backpack and handbags available.

Thanks for reading and we hope that this little list will help you choose the right Harry Potter gift and make the daunting job a little bit easier. 

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