Our Movie Toy Shop in Kettering
1. Over 2000 Items of Movie Merchandise In Our Shop At Any Time

We showcase all the best movie merchandise available on our website in our shop. It’s a great way to physically see, touch and browse our awesome selection of collectable toys. We have 3 rooms full of collectable merchandise from movies, TV, gaming and more.
We have over 1000 POPs in stock at any time, a good selection of these are available in our Funko room. We always have a huge selection of Harry Potter merchandise available in our Wizarding world themed room. Our 3rd room changes with the seasons and always has new collectables from figures and statues to homeware and accessories. 
We also have a separate warehouse so there are items we can pickup within 24 hours if we have something not on show. Just give us a heads up if you have seen anything advertised that you want a closer look at. Which leads us to reason 2...

2. See, Feel and Check Condition Before You Buy

If you buy online you can never 100% guarantee the condition of a product, it might have a crease in the packaging that isn’t described on a website. It might get damaged in the post, if you collect from our store you are guaranteed to keep these in perfect shape. 

If you are a POP collector you might even want to bring a POP protector with you or buy one from our store to make sure it gets home in one piece.  
A lot of the items we sell are quite expensive and you don’t always know what you are paging for when you order online. It’s always a good idea to view an item before you buy to check the quality and authenticity of a product when you are spending a lot of money on something. You’ve worked hard and you don’t want to get ripped off by an online seller with no reputation. All the items we sell are official merchandise, we don’t sell fakes.

Kettering Mystery Machine3. Take a Photo With Our Replica Mystery Machine 

Based on the Scooby Doo cartoons, most days our movie themed car is parked outside the shop in Kettering so you can come and have your picture taken with it. We encourage you to share these photos on our Facebook page, we always like to see your photos with our Mystery Machine.

4. Themed Movie Rooms In Our Shop

Shopping at The Film Cell isn’t just about buying your favourite movie collectables, we’ve tried to make our shop an awesome place to visit. We want you to enjoy coming into the shop and tell all your friends and family about us. So we have themed some of our rooms. Our Harry Potter themed room features Dickensian shop fronts with candles hanging from the ceiling and broom sticks flying around the room. We even have your school letters floating as you walk through our door. 
We have a full room of Funko POPs which we call our Funko Library. As we mentioned earlier there are up to 1000 POPs in the shop at any time.
In the near future we are also looking to add a superhero themed room to the shop. This will be coming soon along with another 4th room which we are still working on. The new 4th room will have a sci-fi theme, this is still work in progress but we are hoping to have this open by the end of 2020.
Funko POP Shop

5. Come Have a Chat With Us

We have been selling film collectables for 15 years so we know a thing or two about Funko POPs, Harry Potter merchandise and other geeky and movie themed collectables. 
Being collectors ourselves and before we opened the shop, we’d been collecting for many years before we opened The Film Cell. We love to help you choose the right item whether it’s for yourself or a present. Come and have a chat with us.

6. Special Offers & Cheap Movie Collectables

In the shop we have sporadic offers that are not available anywhere else. Sometimes we items arrive damaged from suppliers which we don’t advertise in the website so you can sometimes pick up a bargain in the shop. Other items we have lots of that we are trying to clear. We also apply special discounts for our VIP local customers. Thought set times of the year we also have exclusive offers just for our shop customers which include 10% off everything in the shop today. Or spin the wheel when you spend over £30 in store and get a freebie. So it’s always best to check our Facebook page.

7. One Off Rare Discontinued Funko POPs & Memorabilia 

Some items we sell are rare and discontinued and in some cases it’s not worth advertising these on the website. It can take a while to upload an image, write a description and on rarer items try to judge its condition. These items don’t tend to hang about either so as soon as the page is created we would need to delete it when it’s sold out.
So for that reason these products don’t even make it on the website. Most of the items are only available in our shop and might not ever even get advertised online. Make sure you keep popping in as stock changes regularly.
There you have it, 7 reasons why you should visit our shop in Warkton just outside Kettering in Northamptonshire. If you like movies and collect memorabilia then it would be worth a visit and we would love to see you. Please check our Facebook page for opening times as we are sometimes at comic cons and events during weekends. 
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